enfixa biological bacterial nitrogen fixer
The bacteria in enfixa have a special property - they do not need soil nitrogen to grow; they take it from the air. Special enzymes within the enfixa bacteria can split the nitrogen molecule and then recombine it with other elements to form compounds like nitrate and ammonia. Some of these are used to allow enfixa to grow some are released and can be used by the crop. This happens in 3 ways; the bacteria in enfixa deliberately make the nitrogen available to the plant in exchange for sugars and other food sources, the bacteria leak excessive fixed nitrogen to the soil where it can be taken up by the plant, and when the bacteria die the nitrogen within their cells is released.

To do this requires water and energy, which they get by consuming carbon compounds in the soil. The crop will purposefully excrete sugars and other energy-filled compounds to allow the enfixa bacteria to do their work. Give and take on a microscopic scale.

enfixa takes nitrogen from the air

enfixa naturally produces PGPs (Plant Growth Promoters) which are plant hormones such as auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins, which promote strong root and green growth. This encourages the plan to grow well, which in turne benefits enfixa with more sugars and soil organic matter.