enfixa biological bacterial nitrogen fixer
enfixa allows you to control your spending on artificial nitrogen by reducing your dependence on artificial fertilisers as a source of crop nitrogen.
Save money on your artificial nitrogen fertilisers by replacing up to 50% with enfixa.
enfixa allows you to increase yield when applied with near-full or full rates of applied nitrogen. Trials on our own farm showed a 17% improvement.
enfixa contains negligible nitrogen - it is all taken from the air. There is no need to adjust your Total Applied Nitrogen calculations. enfixa can be used without restriction in NVZs - now you can maintain yields and comply.
Protect the environment by reducing waste of Nitrogen through leaching. enfixa quickly absorbs excess nitrogen preventing washout into water courses or the water table.
Crop growth is stimulated by the PGPs (Plant Growth Promoters) produced by enfixa. PGPs include compounds like natural plant hormones such as auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins which promote strong root and green growth.
enfixa releases phosphate and trace nutrients from unavailable stock in the soil and promotes better uptake in the plant. Crops treated with enfixa show higher tissue levels of N (60% higher), P & K. In trials we found that crops treated with enfixa show higher tissue levels of many trace nutrients such as S, Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn, Bo, Cu, Zn & Mo.
Nitrogen is fixed where it is needed - at the roots. enfixa provides a steady supply of plant-accessible nitrogen throughout the growing periods. No more disease-prone soft growth flushes after fertilising, just steady strong growth.
Money in your pocket.